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usul medical

usul Medical is a group of cadres specialized in the medical and cosmetic fields. We keep pace with the latest developments in the world of medicine and cosmetics to always offer you the best, and to place you in the hands of the most important specialists with high skills and experience within the finest and best Turkish hospitals at the lowest possible costs. We work around the clock to make your comfort our priority.

usul Medical operates within and under its umbrella usul Group, which was established in 2010 and still provides all kinds of services and consultations in all fields of service, development, investment, real estate, educational, tourism, medical treatment, commercial representation and shipping.

As for usul Medical and Cosmetic Services, it has helped provide and facilitate treatment for more than hundreds of patients and reviewers in various fields, whether medical or cosmetic, since its establishment until the moment, and it is still striving to provide the best to secure and ensure the comfort and happiness of its customers.


Why Turkey?

Recently, Turkey’s position has become well known in terms of medical and cosmetic tourism, not only in the Arab world, but also internationally: more than half a million patients or tourists of various Arab and foreign nationalities arrive annually. So you must ask yourself why all this demand for Turkey? In fact, a large part of this demand is based on the technical and scientific development enjoyed by Turkish hospitals and medical centers, in addition to the presence of highly skilled and experienced medical staff, all at a cost less than their European and American counterparts by more than 70%.

Only during the last year – 2021 AD – Turkey was a destination for more than 370,000 tourists, which automatically led to the prosperity of this sector, reaping profits amounting to 704 million US dollars, many of whom received various treatment services, whether medical or cosmetic, in the capital of health and beauty of Istanbul.


What is the treatment methodology with the medical usul ?

Because we are aware of the extent of the hardship facing the patient, starting from finding a skilled doctor, and the difficulties that this entails in travel and transportation, in addition to the presence of the language barrier, and ending with securing a place to stay throughout the treatment period, we at usul secured all the needs of patients and tourists wishing to obtain medical and cosmetic services in Turkey, by providing a wide and comprehensive range of services such as:

Free consultation and answering all questions and inquiries before starting the treatment journey.
Constant communication with the patient in order to collect all information and reports to pass them on to the concerned persons.
Securing hotel reservations for those wishing to do so.
Reception from the airport and escort with a private car and driver to the hotel.
Accompanying at all times of visits with the doctor.
Follow-up with the patient after the end of the treatment journey.

Your comfort is our number one goal.


Available Sections – usul Medical

You can find everything related to health and beauty with us.

A wide range of comprehensive medical services – under the supervision of a specialized and integrated medical team – and various cosmetic services – at the hands of the most skilled and best plastic doctors – in the finest and best Turkish hospitals equipped with the latest technology with the provision of translation service throughout the treatment period at the best competitive prices:

Aesthetic services:

Hair, chin and eyebrow transplantation:

The best different and diverse modern techniques within the best centers specialized in hair transplantation, which have long experience in this field, under the hands of the most skilled doctors and specialists with a lifetime guarantee.

Dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontics:

Losing one of your teeth is no longer a problem, with the instant implant technology, this problem is forgotten.

If you suffer from some fractures and permanent pigmentation, dental prostheses and cosmetic ceramic veneers are the solution.

In addition to other services such as dental treatment, gums and jaw surgeries.

With us, your smile is more beautiful than ever.

Obesity and severe obesity problems:

The problem of obesity is no longer limited to being a bad appearance only, but the danger of excess weight goes beyond the external appearance to also affect the quality of your life and pose a threat to your health and make you vulnerable to many diseases such as diabetes, pressure, heart, cholesterol and many others.

With us, you will delight your life and health in multiple, safe and easy ways.

Revision operations:

Also, eyeglasses are no longer only an unpleasant appearance, but may be a hindrance to your daily life. Now you no longer have to adapt to this situation thanks to modern operations and various advanced technologies such as LASIK, femtolasik, femto-smile and many others..

With us, you will restore the beauty of your eyes and their old splendor.

Various cosmetic surgeries:

Your beauty journey begins with us, everything related to plastic surgery is available to us as we keep pace with the latest developments in the world of beauty and cosmetology to offer you, Madam, the latest technologies and the best experiences and put them in your hands to get the attractive appearance that you have always dreamed of.


-medical services:

Because your health is a responsibility that we do not compromise on, we bring you only the best medical staff in various specialties:

Brain and nerve diseases and surgery.
Cardiovascular disease and surgery.
Orthopedic and spine diseases and surgery.
Respiratory and respiratory diseases.
skin diseases.
Internal diseases.
Venereal diseases.
Infertility and IVF diseases.


What are our other branches – usul Medical

usul Medical operates within and under its umbrella usul Group, which includes:


Our address in Istanbul

Meşrutiyet mah. Hrant Dink sk. No:7/2 Şişli İstanbul

Your consultation is free, contact us now 009050132111116

We are with you wherever you are..

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