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Advantages of rhinoplasty in Turkey

Posted by admin on 15 June، 2022

It is not possible to deny the importance of the role played by the nose in highlighting the beauty of the facial features. It may be a more delicate place for them, so many of them choose the option of undergoing a plastic surgery in order to give it the distinctive, consistent shape that they desire, and Turkey is one of the most important and most requested countries for such an operation to be performed in it.


Through the following article, we will provide you with a detailed report on the most important advantages of rhinoplasty in Turkey, and we will highlight its most important details.


Before we start talking about rhinoplasty in Turkey, we must point out that it may seem to some people to be a simple plastic surgery, but this is relatively incorrect, because this region contains a lot of cartilage and small muscles, in addition to the important function it performs. , and therefore it is dealt with with great care and precision.



cases that require such an operation!

There are many cases that require cosmetic nose surgery, the most important of which are:

Narrowing of the nostrils.
Lifting the nose with cosmetic threads.
Reducing the nose.
Nasal stenosis.
Nose slimming.
Correction of crooked nose.
Below is a detail for each of them.


Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Turkey is considered one of the most important countries in the world in order to perform plastic surgeries in general and rhinoplasty in particular, and many people around the world have recently turned to it in order to be in the hands of the most important doctors and in order to obtain the best results, in addition to the ease of entry to Turkey thanks to the facilities provided for Medical Tourism.


Types of rhinoplasty in Turkey:


1- The process of correcting the crooked nose:

This operation is performed for those who suffer from fractures or deviations inside the nose, and it is called the process of correcting the nasal septum, and through it the defect is modified in addition to the appearance, and through this step the airway is modified to obtain the function and the ideal shape of the nose. It is worth noting that the earlier the operation, the better the results.


2- Nose reduction surgery:

Nose reduction is one of the most common plastic surgeries among people who desire to give their noses a smaller size and a more beautiful shape. Many methods are relied upon to give the patient the desired shape. Part of the bone or cartilage inside the nose is removed or polished to give the nose a smaller, more beautiful and more symmetrical shape. Here it must be noted that this procedure is one of the most requested among other plastic surgeries in Turkey.



3- Closed nose surgery:

This type of rhinoplasty is one of the most important operations that take place in Turkey, and it is also one of the least complicated operations compared to others, and it can be done more quickly than its alternatives. It is called an internal operation and is often done for people who suffer from severe problems in the nose, such as deviation or fractures in the nasal bone, as its risks are very low.


What are the steps that the patient must adhere to before the operation?

In the event that the patient is a smoker, he must stop smoking for one to two weeks before the operation and continue to do so even after the completion of the operation and during the recovery period, and it is preferable to continue in this situation for three months.

The patient must undergo a number of medical examinations and analyzes, as well as check on the health of the heart, as complete anesthesia is not suitable for people who suffer from heart diseases.

What are the steps to undergo nose surgery in Turkey?

There are many steps that follow sequentially when performing a rhinoplasty. First, an examination and diagnosis of the condition must be performed by the surgeon in order to determine the type of surgery required and the date of the operation.


In the next stage, the patient is completely anesthetized in order to start the operation.


In the third stage, the nose is restructured and the problem is treated, whether it is fractures, deviation, or any other problems. After the operation is completed, the surgical incisions are closed, and with it the skin growths, if any, are removed.


Finally, you can contact us so that the specialist doctor can see your condition online without having to leave your country to determine your condition and provide you with the necessary and appropriate operation for your condition.

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