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Dental implants in Turkey

Posted by ahmet talal on 25 August، 2022

Dental implants in Turkey

Many people suffer from losing their teeth at an early age, due to several reasons, including accidents, weak gums and excessive smoking, as well as many other reasons.

These people always suffer from partial or complete tooth loss, they suffer from problems related to eating and drinking, as well as problems related to the pain that accompanies the absence of teeth in the mouth, in addition to the problems related to the bad appearance suffered by those who have tooth loss, especially in The front part of the teeth.

This problem remained big and difficult to solve until recently, but this problem has become easy to solve now, with the presence of dental implant technology, which is Turkey among the most famous countries that provide dental implants, this article will detail dental implants in Turkey in a way Larger.


Article sections:


Why dental implants in Turkey?

Turkey has witnessed a great demand for dental implants in recent times, thanks to the great quality provided by Turkish hospitals, In addition to the very competitive prices offered by these hospitals, the turnout is very high, specifically from the European Union countries and the Arab Gulf countries, and countries such as Spain and Germany are one of the most important sources from which tourists come for dental implants in Turkey, and they gave very good feedback After their operation, they talked about the high professionalism offered by Turkish hospitals, in addition to the great hospitality of the medical staff in Turkey, and most importantly, the amazing results they obtained after the operation, in addition to the very competitive price they obtained for this operation, which It is less than 50% of the average price offered in the European Union, when talking about the same efficiency.


Who should have dental implants ?

You may be suspicious of yourself, should I have a dental implant or not, we will tell you below about some of the criteria that should be taken into account before you think about having a dental implant in Turkey, and perhaps the most important reason for you to think about dental implants is that you have lost a number of Certain teeth, and this affects your daily life and prevents you from living comfortably and happily, and you should not be suffering from diseases that cause serious side effects such as diabetes, or if you are one of those who suffer from high blood pressure, as those are advised Those who wish to undergo the operation and were smokers must quit smoking for at least 3 months before and after the operation.


What you should do before the operation ?

You cannot perform the operation before performing full dental examinations, and a blood test must also be performed, and the patient will be advised to stop taking certain types of medications for a certain period before the operation, and the patient must continue to clean his teeth and gums before the operation, and Of course, you should also stop drinking alcoholic beverages before the operation.


How to perform the operation

The patient is initially given local anesthesia, and the patient determines the places where the implant is needed to place the dental implant, where the number of teeth are prepared and made of titanium, and waiting for the jawbone to fuse from titanium metal, and the fusion usually takes a period of 4- 5 months, after that the abutment that connects the coronary tooth is placed with titanium metal, and then waits for 10 days until the gums heal, and after 10 days and before new teeth are placed, impressions and measurements are taken of the new teeth, and the new teeth are installed. New teeth that will give you a great appearance.

New teeth are characterized by being strong and completely similar to natural teeth, and they can be easily removed or replaced, and they are easy to clean, resistant to heat and cold, and are characterized by high durability and strong durability.

Dental implants as a whole need a period of 3-9 months to complete the process and obtain the final results, and this process is characterized by a high success rate and will not decrease in The worst conditions are about 90%.


Types of implants for dental implants

The common implants for dental implants are of two types, the first is titanium and the second is zirconium implants, and titanium implants are very popular in the medical community, and they are characterized by great strength, and fast in the process of fusion with the jawbone, as they do not cause high sensitivity to the gums, while zircon implants It is a ceramic material identical to the natural color of the tooth, and it is a newer technology and has a relatively higher cost.


Dental implant cost in Turkey

As we talked previously, the cost of dental implants is relatively cheap compared to the European Union countries, as they are the only ones that provide similar quality specifically in the geographical area surrounding Turkey.

The cost of a single tooth for dental implants in Turkey ranges between 450 and 800 dollars.

And the cost can be reduced when the number of implanted teeth is more than 10, and the cost can be 30% less when the jaws are fully implanted.

You never have to put up with your dental problems for life, temporary solutions have become useful, and dental implants are a final and decisive solution to this problem.

We can help you find the best hospital for dental implants in Turkey, just contact our medical team, and we will take care of all the necessary procedures for the operation.

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