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It is no secret that a beautiful smile affects the appearance and confidence of each of us, especially after the remarkable development in the field of cosmetic dentistry in the recent years.

Whether your goal from undergoing a dental cosmetic procedure is a necessary medical purpose or just a purely cosmetic purpose, Turkey is the most appropriate and correct address for you

We offer all kinds of different dental treatments under highest professionalists care and specialized experts hands with supreme quality and reasonable prices for everyone…

Your smile is more beautiful with USUL. ​

Dentistry in Turkey

The secret of having a great smile lies in beautiful teeth and excellent oral health. But sometimes teeth may suffer from some defects such as pigmentation, cracks, dents, or tooth loss and etc., which could make your smile fade and disappear.

With the help of our best teams and comprehensive treatments, we offer you the procedures that best suits you and help you achieve optimal oral health and give you the wide and long-lasting smile you have always wanted.


With us you don’t have to hide your smile anymore. Whether you only need some simple dental treatments or a more comprehensive treatment, we are here at USUL Group to give you the beautiful smile of your dreams.

USUL Dental Services in Turkey

Maintaining healthy teeth and gum is an essential key for maintaining a good overall health. Untreated dental problems can lead to more serious problems like gum disease or tooth loss. By having frequent dental visits, you can ensure that these probable problems are diagnosed early, and thus treated much easier.

Dental procedures in Turkey are divided into several main sections , and all of them are done within a few days and do not require a long visit, beginning with various dental treatments, passing through dental implants, and ending with porcelain veneers and Hollywood smile, to give you a healthier and whiter smile you can be proud of. We take care of all your needs and desires, whatever they may be. With us, your smile is more beautiful than ever.


Dental Treatments:

 To help ensure the best oral health of your mouth, we offer many different treatments such as:

Dental and oral health have a huge impact on the general health of any human being, that’s why doctors and dental experts advise to have a periodic dental examination on permanent basis, but what is the periodic dental examination and how is it done?

The periodic dental examination is an examination that the dentist performs for you every six months to check on the general health of your teeth and gum and to cure any problems at their beginning, in addition to some preventive measures that he takes to help maintain your oral health. The periodic dental examination consists of several steps or procedures that the doctor and his assistant do to check on the health of your mouth, the most important of which are:

  • Learning about the medical history of both your dental and general health.

  • Cleaning the teeth properly.

  • Having a Tooth enamel test.

  • Examining your teeth, gums, and behind and in between.

  • Treating any emergency problems.

Tooth decay is one of the most common health problem all around the world, especially among children and teenagers. However, every person may suffer from dental decay, and if tooth decay is not treated as soon as possible, it may grow and expand, causing severe pain and infections, and it could even lead to the tooth loss or other complications.

To treat the dental decay, the dentist removes the decayed part of the tooth and then fills the space with cosmetic fillings. There are many types of fillings, and the dentist can choose the best among them, depending on your condition and preference.

Your natural teeth provide optimal function, and it is always best to repair and save them when possible. In some cases, the damage is too extensive to be treated with remedial treatments. Conditions that may require tooth extraction include:

  • Intense decay that cannot be treated with filling or dental crown.

  • A fracture extending to the root of the tooth.

  • Bone loss caused by gum disease.

  • Infection that cannot be treated with root canal treatment.

  • severe crowding of teeth.

Additionally, we offer wisdom tooth removal. Most patients’ jaws are not large enough to accommodate these molars without a high risk of complications. To start the operation, local anesthesia will be given to numb the gum and the surrounding tissues. Patients who require more sedation will receive instructions on when to take their oral medications during the pre-appointment.

Root canal is also one of the most common curative medical procedures in the dental world. This type of treatment is used to save a tooth that is almost eroded from decay, or to save a tooth that has been exposed to inflammation or severe damage. This treatment targets the dental nerve core that is located inside the root canal of the tooth.

If the decay spreads to the internal parts of the tooth, the problem cannot be effectively treated with a dental filling or by placing a dental crown anymore, as this infection can spread from the pulp of the tooth to the roots, which will eventually affect the adjacent teeth and the underlying bone. In this case, root canal treatment effectively removes infected tissues and decay, preventing bacteria from spreading.

Whenever possible, root canal treatment is the preferred alternative to tooth extraction. Some symptoms may indicate that you need root canal treatment, such as severe tooth pain or swelling. But some patients may not have any signs, which is why it is important to get regular dental checkups.

During the root canal treatment procedure, the following is done:

  • Excision of the pulp of the tooth that has been completely damaged or inflamed from inside the tooth.

  • Cleaning the area around the tooth cavity.

  • Filling the tooth and sealing it well.

In order to determine the extent of decay, dentists will perform a full evaluation. Latest technology in digital imaging will be used to take x-rays and examine your teeth and surrounding bones.

Although root canal treatment procedure may seem frightening and painful, but in fact most of the people who have underwent it found that the actual suffering was in the period prior to the treatment, and the root canal treatment procedure itself is very similar to regular dental fillings.

Gaps, missing teeth, gum diseases, and poor oral health can drastically reduce patient’s life quality. If you’re experiencing tooth loss, dental implants can help restore both shape and function to your smile. Since it was first introduced, dental implants have made a revolution to the cosmetic dentistry field and have captivated the various dental prosthodontics fields.

But what is dental implant? And how is it done?

Dental implant is a titanium implant that is placed in the jawbone and serves as a permanent basis for custom restorations. These tiny titanium implants are designed to replace tooth roots at the place of the missing tooth. Your doctor will surgically place dental implants in the jawbone, where they will fuse with the surrounding tissues. This process creates a strong base on which a dental crown, bridge, or denture can be later installed on top of it.

Patients who lack jawbone tissues may require an initial graft or sinus lift before proceeding with a dental implant procedure. In order to qualify for a dental implant, you must have one or more missing teeth, healthy gum with no diseases, and enough jawbone tissues to support the implant.

Steps of dental implant procedure:

Dental implants are done in two steps:

  • The first step: The implant is placed in the jawbone, and then left for a period ranging between two to three months, for bone fusion and healing.

  • The second step: After the dental implant fuses with the bone, the dental implant is exposed, and the dental crown, bridge or abutment tooth is attached to it.

By combining years of experience that kept us aware of the latest modern technologies in the field of dental treatments in Turkey, we offer various treatments to restore your smile and help you face the world with confidence. Dental implants are considered to be the best and most permanent option for teeth loss cases, and they include:

  • Immediate dental implants.

  • Dental implants in two steps.

  • Treatment of the sinuses in cases of dental implants.

  • Grafting and strengthening the jaw bones in cases of dental implants.

If your teeth are strong and healthy, but cosmetically defected and suffer from some annoying non-removable pigmentation or some broken or cracked teeth, then dental lenses are the most suitable solution for you. As porcelain veneers are specially designed to fit directly into the fronts of your teeth with great precision, your smile looks flawless, but still looks beautifully natural and attractive.

But what are dental lenses or porcelain veneers?

Dental veneers are very thin medical porcelain shells that are permanently attached to the front surfaces of the teeth. This relatively quick and easy treatment can hide many types of dental defects such as discoloration or fractures to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Perhaps one of the best features of dental veneers is their variety and ease of application. In addition to being able to correct a wide range of cosmetic problems, veneers can be placed on any number of your teeth. It can give you a subtle aesthetic boost or it can significantly transform your smile.

Usually the treatment requires two visits, but sometimes due to the lack of time of the patient, instant lenses are made on the same day, which are completed in three simple steps:

  • Planning: During the initial stage, you will consult with your doctor to determine the treatment and type of lenses that is most appropriate for you.

  • Preparation: To prepare your teeth for veneers, a very small portion of the enamel, less than 1 millimeter, must be removed. This will provide the space needed to properly place the veneers. But don’t worry, while you wait for your final dental veneers to be prepared by our dental laboratory, we will provide you with the appropriate temporary veneers.

  • Attaching the lenses: We will use special adhesive techniques to securely attach the veneers to the surfaces of your teeth. Once this step is completed, we will test the lenses and make any necessary fine adjustments. We will also schedule an appointment to follow up on your teeth condition and check their appearance after a week, two weeks or more.

There are many types of ceramic veneers, the most famous of which are:

  • The first type is the composite veneers, which is the cheapest of these types.

  • The second type is the porcelain veneers, provides a better aesthetic appearance and less thickness and volume over the teeth.

  • The third type is the lumineer, which is considered one of the latest and best type of dental veneers, and it is a very advanced type that provides an ideal solution for damaged teeth without removing any space of ​​tooth enamel.

With time foods, drinks and tobacco can leave marks on your teeth, and yellow and brown spots can drain the beauty and glimmer of your laugh. Now restoring the sparkle of your smile with teeth whitening is a very simple process, as we offer many methods of teeth whitening for patients who want a bright smile with a long lasting impression.

Teeth whitening procedure is carried out in our specialized medical centers in Turkey by applying a concentrated solution of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to the teeth. Peroxide releases oxygen molecules that penetrate tooth enamel to gently remove the stains. Then a laser light is applied to increase the speed and efficiency of the whitening procedure. Teeth whitening results last in general between 18 months to a maximum of 3 years, varying from one person to another and how much he takes good care of his oral health.

We offer you many different teeth whitening techniques to get the best results within a short period of time. Our doctors will examine your teeth and consult with you to determine the best teeth whitening option for your case. Teeth whitening procedure is one of our most highly demanded procedures among our patients, because in just onlyone session you will get a ten shades whiter and brighter teeth.

We use all different kinds of teeth whitening methods, and you will not find this big diversity of teeth whitening techniques in any other dental treatment centers in Turkey other than ours.

The most common whitening methods we use are:

  • Bright Smile.

  • Philips Zoom.

  • Opalescence.

  • Core Deep Bleach.

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