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Hair transplantation in Turkey

Posted by ahmet talal on 2 December، 2022

A large percentage of people around the world suffer from the problem of premature hair loss or what is called baldness, and based on that, there must be alternative solutions to restore the look of youth, as baldness gives a person additional years of life, but the question here is which places and countries around the world are the best for Hair Transplant?

Recently, there has been a great demand for Turkey to perform a hair transplant, as it has become famous for its modern techniques and the guaranteed results it provides. It also has a selection of specialized doctors.

Through the following article, we have prepared a detailed report for you about hair transplantation in Turkey, so that you can see the most important advantages of this step.



What do we mean by hair transplantation?

It is a surgical procedure performed by a specialist doctor, where he transfers the hair follicles from one of the areas of the head abundant with hair, such as the back of the head or the sides, and grants them to an area suffering from light hair.

In this context, we must point out that hair transplantation is not a new idea today, but it has spread in Turkey for nearly 15 years, and as a result of all the advantages it offers, it has become a radical solution to get rid of the problem of baldness.


Steps for hair transplantation in Turkey:

In the first stage, the patient is prepared for transplantation, and his hair is shaved, as it is not possible to transplant without shaving, then the scalp is washed with sterilizer, and then it is injected with local anesthesia.
In the second step, the follicles are taken from the area abundant with hair, using the micromotor device. The follicles are taken without damaging any of the neighboring follicles or the follicle itself, which increases the number of healthy follicles that can be transplanted.
After taking the follicles, they are preserved with a solution that keeps them cultivable, as it keeps them intact.
At this stage, it has reached implantation, as channels are opened according to the DHI technique, using Choi pens, and hair is transplanted directly. Transplantation can also be done using another technique called SAPPHIRE, which is characterized by the fact that it does not leave any scars or damage to the skin.
And in the last stage, you have to wait a few times until you get the beautiful shape and appearance that you dream of obtaining.


Is hair transplantation the solution that suits everyone?

Certainly, the hair transplantation process is better than oils and medicines, which are often useless, but it is worth mentioning that this process is not suitable for everyone, as those who have inactive and weak hair follicles, hair transplantation will not bring with them the expected results, nor will it be feasible. For those who suffer from severe baldness or have scars on the scalp.


Hair transplant in Turkey for men:

Men are more prone to baldness than women, and more than ninety percent of men over the age of 21 are susceptible to hair loss, which over time becomes bald. Therefore, most of the people who accept hair transplantation are men, and hair transplantation is not only limited to hair transplantation. The head, but it can be for the chin and mustache.

Hair transplantation for women in Turkey:

Because thick hair is a sign of beauty that many women praise, they prefer hair transplantation in order to obtain thick, abundant and healthy hair. It is important to note that hair transplantation enhances self-confidence.

Also, hair transplantation is the solution for those who suffer from alopecia, which leads to a lot of hair loss, or perhaps for those who suffer from a genetic disease, as well as eyelashes and eyebrows can be transplanted.


How much does hair transplantation cost in Turkey?

This matter differs from one person to another, depending on the case, the number of follicles that will be transplanted, and the type of medication that the patient will receive after the transplant.

But if you compare the costs of hair transplantation in Turkey with hair transplantation in one of the European countries, you will find that Turkey is a land of stages, and this was one of the first reasons that prompted many people around the world to go to its health centers and hospitals.

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