Obesity and Overweight Surgeries

Excess weight is not only an unpleasant appearance, but in many cases, it may be the main reason for chronic diseases.

Have you tried all the traditional methods, but none of them succeeded in helping you lose the extra weight?

Now bariatric surgeries are the quick, safe and effective solution to lose the extra weight you suffer from.

Obesity Suregeries in Turkey

Nowadays, we often hear about the many weight loss operations with their impressive and quick results, which annually encourages many people who suffer from excess weight problems to choose this type of operations and search for the best countries and places in the world to do them. 


Turkey is one of the leading countries and one of the most important travel destinations for medical tourism, not only in the Arab world but even globally, due to the great development it has witnessed in the medical and technical sector, in addition to the presence of high skilled and competent medical staff, and the low costs when compared with other countries.


So far, Bariatric surgeries are considered to be the ideal solution for helping obese people who have tried all kind of traditional methods, whether by following various diets or by doing different exercises, but they still haven’t succeeded in losing the excess weight.

What are the conditions that must be met by the person wishing to undergo these operations?

Bariatric surgeries are used to treat the obesity in the case of patients with a (BMI) of more than 40who have also tried every other methods to loss the weight but have not succeeded. 

But what is BMI? And how is it calculated?

BMI, is the abbreviation of “Body Mass Index”, and it is used to determine the normal weight of a person compared to his height. The body mass index is the main determinant of whether to perform a Bariatric surgery or not to, so it is necessary to pay attention to your body mass index before making the decision to undergo the surgery.


It is assumed that the normal number does not exceed 40 for healthy people who do not suffer from any serious health problems such as heart disease, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure, and this percentage should not exceed 35 in the case of people with a history of diseases.

To find out your BMI, click here

What are the types of obesity operations?

In fact, there are many and various types of bariatric surgeries, so lots of people do not know how to distinguish between them. Therefore, we will give a simple explanation for the most common types of obesity operations here in Turkey:

The gastric balloon operation is a non-surgical operation that is performed for the purpose of losing weight for those who suffer from overweight by no more than 40 kilograms. The idea of the stomach balloon is based on reducing the area of the stomach, to reduce the amount of food consumed until feeling full, thus helps losing weight. 

In the gastric balloon procedure, One or more balloons can be used, where an empty stomach balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth, and then filled with a liquid or gas solution.

Gastric balloon operation is a temporary operation; As the balloon is left in the stomach for a period of six to nine months at most, and then it is taken out as the person loses excess weight during that period, the stomach balloon operation is performed under the influence of local anesthesia and does not take more than half an hour to complete.

Maybe one of the most advantage of gastric balloon surgery is that the recovery time is extremely short. If you have gastric balloon surgery, you can return home the same day after surgery, most people return to work or other daily routines in 1 or 2 days.

Gastric bypass is one of the oldest surgical interventions to treat obesity, and surgeons have been performing this type of operation for nearly 40 years. Gastric bypass surgery offers many advantages for overweight patients, such as getting rid of comorbidities like diabetes, because it helps losing large amounts of excess weight quickly, even faster than the gastric band or sleeve gastrectomy, and also helps maintain excess weight loss for a longer while of time.

The operation is performed by making a small hole like a keyhole using the endoscope, the stomach is divided using a surgical stapler, and then turned into a small pouch, which acts as a new stomach. The small intestine is also divided and the surgeon lifts the split end up to connect it to the new stomach. Because the largest part of the stomach and small intestine is bypassed, the patient no longer absorb the same amount of calories as he used to before undergoing this procedure, and the patient feels full faster and does not feel hungry for a longer time.

The sleeve gastrectomy operation is regarded to be one of the most common obesity treatment operations in the recent years, due to the impressive results it helped people achieve. It is also considered to be a guaranteed solution to losing excess weight irreversibly, especially in the latest years after the development of the technique by which now it is done using a laparoscopy, which reduces the size of the surgical incision.

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is the result of scientific research, in which seven negative hormones that cause hunger, obesity and diabetes were discovered in the stomach, hence the idea of cutting this part of the stomach to get rid of these harmful hormones and to also reduce the size of the stomach.

This operation is carried out by surgical endoscope, which makes it safer and without risks or complications.The harmful part of the stomach, which contains the negative hormones that cause hunger, obesity and diabetes, is cut off. About 4/5 of the size of the stomach is cut off, leaving only 1/5 of the stomach, The size of the stomach becomes small, and therefore the patient eats smaller amount of food that makes him feel full for longer time.

The removed part of the stomach is the harmful part, and by cutting it off, we help improve the person’s health and this action does not harm his/her health at all. Also it should be noted that after a year of the operation, the size of the stomach grows a little bit, so the body can get the necessary food he needs.

Gastric band is one of the laparoscopic obesity treatment solutions and it is performed to reduce the size of the stomach to help people who want to lose weight. It reduces the amount of food that the stomach can absorb, which helps to fill it quickly and feel full faster. Also, it only affects the food’s quantity, and the food is completely digested, thus people who undergo this operation do not suffer from malnourishment. 

The operation is performed by making five small incisions in the abdomen area, each with a diameter of no more than one centimeter, and then the endoscope is inserted through them. The operation is performed by placing a band around the upper part of the stomach using the endoscope, dividing the stomach into two parts, with a narrow passage between them. This passage allows small amounts of food to slowly reach the lower part of the stomach, so the amount of food the patient eats decreases.

The doctor controls the narrowing or expansion of the passage between the two parts of the stomach after the operation, thus controlling the speed of food reaching the lower part of the stomach.

Botox injections are one of the most popular and widely used cosmetic procedures. Normally it is used to remove facial wrinkles and to get rid of aging signs. It is also used to help in getting rid of excess weight.

Gastric Botox injections in Turkey have achieved great success due to its impressive and quick results. It does not require surgery nor general anesthesia, and only local anesthesia is enough during the session, thus it takes short amount of time to complete. Another advantage is that the patient returns to his normal life immediately after the end of the session.

First, using an anesthetic spray, the patient’s larynx is numbed so he does not feel uncomfortable when inserting the endoscope. The operation of stomach Botox injection is done using a medical endoscope that is inserted orally into the stomach. Although it is not a surgical operation and no surgical incisions are made, it is a very accurate process since the medical endoscope is the main tool the doctor uses to see the way from the beginning of the mouth until he reaches the right place.

After the endoscopic journey from the mouth to the stomach is completed, the doctor determines the place where the gastric Botox will be injected. When injected, this substance causes the stomach’s muscles to relax, which speeds up the feeling of satiety and prolongs its duration, reduces the amount of consumed food, and in the long run helps in losing weight.

It is possible after completing the gastric Botox injection operation for you to feel that your throat is still numb. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid eating any food or drinks until the effect of the anesthetic is completely gone.


Following a healthy diet after having a bariatric surgery

After undergoing a bariatric surgery, you must follow a healthy diet under the supervision of a specialized nutritionist who will study your health status and accordingly will give you a specially prepared diet to suit your health condition and nutritional needs to maintain your health and the new look you have obtained. 

Diet recommendations after bariatric surgeries vary and they are given on a case-by-case basis. The diet plan after bariatric surgery usually takes a step-by-step approach to help you get back to eating solid food. How quickly you move from one step to the next depends on how quickly your body recovers and adapts to the changing eating patterns. Usually you can start eating regular solid food three months after your surgery.

A balanced diet after bariatric surgery not only helps you recover faster, but also can help you switch to a healthy life style and helps you achieve your weight loss goals. Remember that if you return to the old unhealthy eating habits after your weight-loss surgery, you may not lose all of your excess weight, or worse, you may gain more weight back.

Benefits of Obesity Surgery

In addition to losing your unwanted extra weight, and getting the fit and beautiful form that you have always wanted, you will also find the true meaning of a healthy life far away from the many diseases caused by obesity and excess weight such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, joint pain, breathing difficulties and many more.. What are you still waiting for?

Which operation is best suitable for you ?

In fact, this decision should be decided by the specialist doctor based on his opinion and experience, after conducting the initial examination, but usually there are several criteria that must be taken into account when making this decision, the most important of which are:


  • Body mass index (BMI).
  • The patient’s age.
  • The general health
  • status of the patient.
  • The amount of weight the patient wants to lose.

And of course, taking into consideration the patient’s desire in the first place.

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