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Thoracic sympathectomy to resolve hyperhidrosis

Posted by ahmet talal on 18 August، 2022

Thoracic sympathectomy to resolve hyperhidrosis

The problem of excessive sweating is not considered a simple problem, as more than 7% of the population of the earth suffers from it, some of them ignore it and ignore its many negative effects, and others try to find solutions to combat this problem, such as moisturizers and perfumes, and sometimes armpit dryers are used.
All the previous solutions are considered shy solutions, or they can be expressed as temporary and non-permanent solutions.
Recently, a new and crucial technique for this problem has become famous, as a permanent and wonderful solution to this problem has been found.
This solution is the ETS SURGERY process, and this is what we will talk about in this article in detail.

Do I suffer from excessive sweating or not?


You may feel that you suffer from the problem of excessive sweating and your belief is correct, and you may suffer from it and your belief is wrong, and you may also feel in yourself that you never suffer from this problem, and you are the most affected by excessive sweating.

So we must clarify the factors that will show you whether you suffer from excessive sweating or not.

One of the most important ways to differentiate between normal sweating and excessive sweating is that the person who sweats naturally, he sweats in all conditions that cause movement of the body, such as sports, driving and walking, and there are also psychological reasons that contribute to normal sweating, such as stress, anger and sometimes Extreme joy and excitement.

As for the person who suffers from excessive sweating, it is noticeable that he sweats in all circumstances and all seasons of the year.


What is thoracic sympathectomy to solve hyperhidrosis ?


It is a process used to combat excessive sweating in the human body, specifically in the upper part of the body, such as the face, hands and armpits. Heart rate, as well as improve the performance of blood circulation in the human body in general.
This is done by removing the thoracic cord using a special endoscope, and this operation was carried out for the first time in Sweden, and soon began to expand in the developed countries widely in 2022.
But the idea of ​​operation It is not new, and it actually dates back to about 1890, when a Swedish doctor named Alexander tried to perform this operation on a patient suffering from excessive sweating, and the operation was successful, but it caused some annoying side effects, such as Lung disorders and difficulty breathing in the patient, and this technique was ignored until recently.
Until this technique was developed and its bad side effects were combated, great results were guaranteed with the scientific progress the world is witnessing in recent times.


Thoracic sympathectomy to resolve hyperhidrosis

How to perform the operation – Thoracic sympathectomy to resolve hyperhidrosis


The main objective of the operation is to cut off the nerve impulses that reach the exocrine glands responsible for the secretion of sweat, which contributes to reducing the rate of sweating in the human body, and this process is done by cutting the thoracic sympathetic nerve that connects between the spine and the thyroid gland, and This is done through a special endoscope and through a special camera, the camera is inserted from the chest and from the area under the armpit, hence the name of the operation with this name, the operation will be performed under the influence of full anesthesia, and during the operation the performance of the lung will be partially affected This is so that surgeons can cut the nerve pathways that connect to the thyroid gland, which causes excessive sweating.
The operation will be performed on both armpits, alternately, as the operation was started on the second armpit after completing the procedure on the first armpit.
This process is very useful to combat excessive sweating in the armpit area, and the process is also used for those who suffer from excessive sweating in the area of ​​the hands.


Side effects

The patient will notice immediately after the operation the wonderful results of these, but there must be some side effects that are caused by all the surgeries, the patient’s body will appear after the operation, alternative areas to identify, because the body will need to sweat and will search for alternative areas for the areas in which the operation was performed The most common parts of the alternate sweating areas are the abdomen, thigh, pubic area and lower abdomen, but the alternate sweating will not exceed 30% of the previous sweating that was surgically eliminated.


an advice of usul health


Perhaps it is time to solve the problem of excessive sweating, and the 3-way technique of performing ETS Surgery is one of the popular operations in recent times, and hospitals in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular are the most popular and sought-after hospitals by foreigners and Arabs,
This is for several reasons, perhaps the most important of which is the high professionalism and great accuracy offered by Turkish hospitals, as Turkish medicine is considered one of the most sought-after destinations in the world today.
We cannot forget that the prices offered by Turkish hospitals are very competitive, when compared with the same quality offered, with evidence that European tourists have recently been going to Turkey for the purpose of treatment, and this includes several specialties, including the problem of sweating.

In usul health , we were able to help dozens of patients to get rid of the problem of sweating completely, through this technique or other techniques. You can find out when you contact us.


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