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Vision-Correction Surgeries

Eye glasses are no longer just an unpleasant appearance, but also they might be a hindrance to daily life.

Due to the medical advancement, LASIK surgeries have become a very simple process that guarantees you the perfect vision and the ideal appearance.

Now you no longer have to adapt to this situation, the decision to change it rests in your hands, say good-bye to glasses forever.

LASIK is the Most Common Vision-Correction Method

Many people suffer from various vision defects and vision problems, which may cause them to feel discomfortable or embarrassed from wearing glasses, either because it affects their appearance, or because it might be difficult to wear in bad weather conditions, like rain..

In the last years, and due to the huge advancement of science and medicine, it became possible to treat these kind of problems and help dispense eyeglasses forever by performing one of the laser vision correction operations or LASIK. Thus, the demand for this type of surgeries has increased significantly, and now laser eye surgery or LASIK has become the most common way to correct vision.

If recently you have been thinking of getting rid of your contact lenses or eyeglasses, we at USUL offer you a variety of vision correction surgeries to help you dispense your eyeglasses forever and restore your old attractive look.

The Most Prominent Vision Defects

Nowadays there are many operations that correct vision by using laser. All of these operations aim to repair vision defects such as (myopia or short sightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism). Some of these operations also aim to repair visual distortions as well as visual defects.

But what are the main vision defects? and what are the most prominent corrective laser operations? and how does it work?

Types of visual defects

  • Myopia
  • Operation success rate 97%
  • Hyperopia
  • Operation success rate 95%
  • Astigmatism
  • Operation success rate 97%
  • Presbyopia
  • Operation success rate 99%

    Vision-Correction Laser Surgeries

    Laser vision-correction operations are operations in which laser beams are used in order to redesign the shape of the cornea to correct sight problems. In a normal eye, the ability of the cornea and the inner lens of the eye to focus light is identical to the depth of the eye, meaning that the light rays enter the eye so that these rays fall directly on the retina. In the case of farsightedness or shortness, these rays fall either in front of or behind the retina instead of gathering inside it, which causes a defect in vision.

    There are many types of vision-correction operations, but they are determined according to many criteria like the age of the patient, the thickness of the cornea, the degree of sight weakness and the number of eyeglass prescription. Therefor before deciding which type of operation is most suitable for you, you must undergo many examinations and analyzes and discuss with your eye doctor the various methods of correcting your vision, the advantages and disadvantages of glasses, lenses and laser refractive surgery.

    As for the most important of these operations:

    LASIK surgeries have been performed since the mid-nineties, and they are considered to be the most common eye surgery operations in the world. Both nearsightedness and farsightedness can be corrected by LASIK surgery, but it may not be suitable for correcting the very advanced cases. Surgeons make an incision through the cornea and then remove a flap of tissue. Then the visible part of the cornea is reshaped using an excimer laser, finally the flap is repositioned.

    This operation is a considered a lot like the LASIK operation but more advanced; In this surgery, a Femto laser is used to remove the first layer of the cornea instead of using a surgical scalpel, and therefore this surgery is much better in terms of safety rates, and in terms of the speed of healing after the operation.


    Advantages of Femto-LASIK Surgery
    •  Not losing a large part of the corneal tissue.
    • Faster recovery than the normal LASIK operation.

    In Femto SMILE surgery (unlike the previous two operations), the first layer of the cornea is not removed, but rather only the tissues that the doctor wants to take out are removed using Laser with great accuracy, and the cornea is then formed in the desired shape to fix the vision problems.


    Advantages of Femto-SMILE Surgery
    • Reducing the dehydration after the operation.
    • The surface of the eye is more stable after this operation compared to other operations.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Actually no, LASIK surgery is not suitable for everyone. In fact, patient’s condition must be evaluated first to ensure that the following criteria are met:

    • The patient must be at least 18 years old.
    • The addressed vision defect problem can be treated by LASIK surgery.
    • The person should not have any eye diseases and eyes health should be good.
    • The vision problems have not worsened and deteriorated significantly within a relatively short period.

    A specialist doctor must be consulted and several necessary examinations and analyzes must be done before giving the correct and appropriate diagnosis.

    After explaining the various types of laser surgeries and the differences between them, some may wonder what is the best option among these operations. In fact, the right way to decide the best suitable operation for any patient is up to the specialized eye doctor, after doing the proper diagnosis and all the necessary examinations for the patient. 

    Actually vision-correction laser operations are classified as very safe operations and have very low complication-rate, and the follow up studies that were conducted on patients showed a high degree of satisfaction with the operation, especially after they have dispensed the eyeglasses and contact lenses. However, LASIK operation may cause some dryness in the eyes in the first months but unpleasant complications are considered to be very rare.

    If you are considering having LASIK surgery, these are the most important advantages you should know:

    • LASIK operation is relatively quick.
    • Recovery period is short.
    • The results appear fast as well.
    • It is considered a generally safe operation.
    • The operation does not include any surgical stitches.
    • LASIK surgery is an ideal alternative to eyeglasses and contact lenses for many people who are suitable for this procedure.
    • Patient do not feel any pain during LASIK operation, except for some minor discomfort.

    In 98% of cases, LASIK is considered to be a final solution to vision problems. However, in some rare cases, some may need to perform a second operation again after several years, as the defect may gradually return, but it does not usually return with the same severity, but rather less.

    Cost varies according to each patient’s age, the appropriate operation for his case, and the technique used.

    In general, the cost ranges between $2000 and $5000.

    The patient may send all the information and medical reports to us, and based on them, an approximated cost can be given to him. But the final cost is determined by the surgeon after doing the examination and the necessary tests. 

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